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Simple Ways Guys Can Look More Sophisticated

Have you ever thought that you’d like to look more sophisticated? More grown-up? Perhaps you see your friends’ styles changing and evolving, or other people your age looking smart, while you are in scruffy jeans and torn t-shirts that you’ve had since you were 15? Maybe you just fancy a change, or you want to look more sophisticated for a specific event, or work meeting. There comes a time when we all want to look a little smarter, and when it does, it’s not unusual to feel a bit lost. You might not want to change your style completely, as it still reflects who you are. You want to be comfortable and happy in your own skin, but you know that something needs to change. Fortunately, you don’t need to change your whole wardrobe to add a little sophistication. Often, it just takes a few small changes and additions to add a touch of class to your look. Here’s a look at some simple and easy ways men can look more sophisticated.


Accessories are crucial when it comes to adding something extra to any look. At home, you might want to relax with trendy glass tobacco pipes, but when you are out and about, look to add useful accessories. A leather satchel looks incredibly sophisticated and gives you plenty of space to carry everything that you need. It certainly looks better than trying to fit everything into bulging pockets. Or, would a briefcase or document pouch be more useful? Other accessories to consider include eyewear, a leather belt, a classic watch, and timeless cufflinks.

Photo: Jonathan Daniel Price
Photo: Jonathan Daniel Price

Change Your Shoes 

Whether you are wearing jeans or trousers, team them with scruffy old canvas trainers and they'll look too casual. Wear the same trousers with stylish leather shoes, and you'll look immediately smarter. Invest in a couple of pairs of nice shoes, perhaps boots, brogues and loafers, and even a smart pair of clean leather trainers, and you’ll be able to look great for any occasion, no matter what else you wear.

Photo: Chillanxingroad by Andrea Menin
Photo: Chillanxingroad by Andrea Menin

Add a Jacket 

Unless your job demands it, you might only wear suits for occasions like weddings and funerals. Even then, you might try and skip the jacket or tie, favouring the trousers and smart shirt look. But, it’s the jacket that adds the sophistication. A good suit jacket completes a formal look, but it also makes the good old jeans and t-shirt combo more formal. Need to smarten up an outfit quickly? Add a suit jacket, and you are there. If you’ve only got one suit, it’s time to invest in a few more pieces, but shop smartly. Don’t buy pieces that can only be worn together. Try to find jackets, and even waistcoats, that will look great mixed and matched with other wardrobe items when you don’t need the full three-piece.

Photo: The Style Stalker
Photo: The Style Stalker

Take Care of Your Hair 

Many men are guilty of always having the same hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with that if it makes you comfortable and looks good. But, take time to take care of it. Get regular trims, keep any facial hair neat and tidy, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, use the correct hair product and consider the right comb or brush for your hair.

Photo: Enrico Labriola
Photo: Enrico Labriola


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